# Laugh

Among Us Orange Characters in the Among Us game will most likely be called carrot because of their bright orange skin color. A fanart Among Us progress bar for YouTube with Orange Character Carrot at the Doctor's.

Duck Hunt Dog also known as Laughing Dog is an iconic character from the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt. He is a yellow-brown dog with a white muzzle who wears a red bandanna. A fanart game progress bar for YouTube with Duck Hunt Laughing Dog.

LOL Guy is a character from a Rage Comics series that became a meme and is often used to express laughter and amusement. A meme custom progress bar for YouTube with LOL Guy meme.

Among Us is a fun social deduction multiplayer game happening on a spaceship, all players are crewmates, but some of those crewmates are imposters. A fanart progress bar with Among Us Orange Character Laughing.

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