# Villain

The Joker is one of the most iconic and intriguing characters in the DC comic book world, known for his chaotic nature and twisted sense of humor. A fanart DC Universe progress bar for YouTube with Joker Laughing Pixel.

Herry Lyme was a burglar who formed Wet Bandits and Sticky Bandits along with his accomplice Marv Murchins are the main villains of the Christmas comedy film Home Alone and its sequel. A fanart Home Alone progress bar for YouTube with Harry Lyme on Fire.

The Old Man is also known as Player 001, but his real name is Oh II-nam, he is an elderly contestant of the 33rd Squid Game. But there is a strange thing about The Old Man, his number is not listed in the Squid Game, the list starts with player Player 002. A fanart Squid Game progress bar for YouTube with Player 001 the Old Man.

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